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Coke Addict Door Man

There was about a 7-10 year period where my band was the hottest band in town. I’m not exaggerating at all. Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s we could sell out clubs 5 nights a week. We were making tons of dough every night. I slept until noon and didn’t do anything during the day. Then night would come and another fun gig with a huge crowd, tons of chicks and lots of craziness would ensue.

We played this one club that probably held about 500 people one night. We had that freaking place so packed it would take you 15 minutes to walk across the room to the bathroom. It was a fire code violation from hell.

We were excited to collect our money at the end of the night because we knew we’d be getting some major cash. So we hook up with the door man to collect. He sniffled a little and said “here you go boys” and hands us $200.00 total. We looked at this door man like he was from mars. “$200? That’s it?” we asked. With a sniff sniff and a few hyperactive wipes of his nose he says “yup.” “That’s bullshit man did you see how many people were in here?” We asked. “This is the door” he says with a sniff sniff and a wipe wipe.

The door man snorted all our freaking dough up his nose.

That was the last time we played in that club.

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I remember those days. And being underage at the time with the access I was afforded as “a friend of the band” trust me … they were at least as fun for me as they were for you.

“Tons of chicks” indeed.

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