Surprise beer glass modification

At gigs I have fun by hucking drumsticks to my buddies in the audience and catching them when they huck ’em back at me (all while playing).

One time I hucked a stick at this guy by the side of the stage but he never saw it coming. The stick perfectly lopped off the top half of his beer glass without spilling one drop. The guy didn’t even know his glass was broken until he lifted his glass up to take a drink! He had no idea what had happened.

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It’s a damn good thing he noticed, before he brought the broken glass to his lips.

Back in the Navy phase of my wasted youth, on a stop in the Philippines, a bunch of us were drinking in a bar, when one of the senior petty officers in the division happened to stop in the same bar. He was drunk (and a smartass, to boot), and started giving us shit about the fact that we were actually using bottle openers on the bottles of San Miguel we were drinking. He claimed that, if we were real men, we would break the necks of the bottles on the edge of the table, and drink it straight from the broken bottle.

Suuuuurrrre thing, Boats.

Of course, he showed up for muster the next morning with a big cut on his lip.

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