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Shocking gig in Sun Valley

We played a weekend in Sun Valley a few years back. We hadn’t played this place before and we were already in some trouble because we were starting late.

We busted into the first tune which is instrumental for a little while. When our guitar player/singer walked up to sing, something terrible happened. When he got about 1 foot from his vocal mic, a giant blue lightning bolt flew from the mic to his tounge. She shock flattened him and he hit the floor unconscious.

I thought he was dead.

We woke him up and he was F’d up. His hair (or what is left of it) was sticking straight out. His tounge was bright red and very swollen.

The bar owner was even more irritated that we’d have to go on break after 30 seconds of 1 tune and starting late…

The reason for the lightning bolt was that we’d had that vocal mic repaired and apparently the stellar repair man didn’t connect the ground or something.

From that day on if you watch our singer he always slowly goes up to the mic and touches it with his hand first before he sings. Similar to my always sniffing the milk to make sure it’s not rotten…

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