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Stiffed by Imax

I took my kids to the 3D iMax T-rex movie last night. It was quite fun. Imax movies are pretty cool.

But it reminded me of the studio gig I did for imax one time. I did a voice over gig where the two directors of some African Wildlife imax movie did their “director’s commentary.” This was to be an auxiliary audio track for the imax dvd where you select the director’s commentary and they talk about what was going on in their minds when they shot certain scenes.

The directors were fairly cool but a little dry. I set up a video monitor and played the imax movie and they just commented on each scene in real time as it happened. It was a cool gig just by the fact that I hadn’t done one of those before.

When the job was done I gave the directors an invoice. They told me that they weren’t responsible and gave me the number of the movie studio in California to contact for payment. When I contacted them, they gave me the name and number of the production company and told me to get the dough from them. When I called the production company I was given the name and number of the movie studio and told to get the dough from them…..and so on….and so on…

I never did get my dough. I finally gave up after getting jacked around X number of times. Usually studio owners get stiffed by flaky musicians but this time it was the big boys.

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You’d think in a big enough shop you wouldn’t have to worry about getting scammed. Guess you should have held on to the masters until the check cleared, or in this case, got someone to write a check at all.

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