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Best drum sub gig ever

Now that I’m on the topic of sub gigs I have to tell this story.

I got a call one afternoon from a guy who was the head of the most popular blues band in town. His drummer broke his hand or something so they needed me to sub for him that night. I was available so he gave me the address and told me when to be there.

I got there in just in time to setup and start playing. I saw the guitar player’s car out behind the venue so I just loaded in the back with him. I didn’t get a chance to even see what the main venue looked like as we were playing in a room in the back of the building.

We started the gig and I was a bit nervous because I hadn’t played a gig with this band before. They were good at giving me directions so I managed ok.

In the middle of the first song something strange happened. Two women jumped up on the stage in front of my kit and started dancing. This has happened to me before thousands of times, but this time was different. This time they took their clothes off….all of them. As it turned out, I was subbing for a blues band in a strip club! There were a few visual cues that I missed because I was watching the women instead of the band leader but I didn’t care much.

There is nothing more fun than playing music, watching women take their clothes off and getting paid for it!

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