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Don’t keep your studio masters with your dope

Recording rappers is always an entertaining experience. Rappers all love to brag about how badass they are. They love to tell you about how much bank they’re stackin’, how many ho’s they’re bustin’ nuts in, and how many coppas asses they busted caps in. (Soon my white man’s rap dictionary will be out so you can understand what I just wrote).

It’s funny when two different rappers show up at the studio at the same time too because they’re very competitive. One will say “where you from man” and the other will say “Compton.” The first one will say “Word mofo, I be from Compton too.” (I know damn well the one dude is from Midvale and the other one from Salt Lake…pretty damn far from Compton).

This one rapper (whose name was a derivative of the chemicals found in pot) was quite entertaining. He would always bring in his “posse” and they were all funny. It is a little scary though because you have to keep your eye on all of them. All small expensive pieces of gear must be locked up before the session. I don’t know why but all the rappers really seemed to like me. I’m pretty damn white so I don’t know what the see in me.

When you work with rappers in the studio you have to allow a bunch of breaks for them to go out and get some “inspiration.” I just tell them to keep it outside. Hell, if someone wants to pay me $60/hour to smoke dope outside what do I care?

So I finish the pot chemical rapper’s album and give him his bill. It isn’t cheap. He makes a call or two and jumps in his ride. 15 minutes later he comes back with cash. That is one great thing about working with rappers: they always pay in cash.

So I gave him his masters and he was on his way happily listening to his new album in his “boom boom car.” (I call those rap cars boom boom cars).

A couple of weeks later I called him up to see when the album was going to be released. As it turns out he and his posse got pulled over by the coppas. The coppas smelled something funny and had to search the boom boom car. Unfortunately they had to impound the vehicle and it’s contents which included the dope and the masters for the new album. Fortunately they paid me already or I wouldn’t have gotten my dough!

So the moral to the story is: “Don’t keep your studio masters with your dope.”

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That settles it: you need a cool rap name. Hell, maybe the rappers already gave you one, that you just don’t know about yet! That might explain your word of mouth popularity with them!

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