Coming Soon…. Version 2.0

Version 2.0 of my to-do blog list:

*Rickenbacker Problem
*Opening for Jerry Lee Lewis
*The freak duplicator?
*The best female singer I recorded is a….zone girl?
*The 2nd best female singer I recorded is a…..stripper?
*The band that wouldn’t get off the stage…voluntarily. (Don’t mess with the golden glove boxer part 2)
*The tour (the radio show with 3 video cameras which don’t broadcast anything?)
*Band accomodations & crack house all in one
*Dude steals chair and nearly causes a natural gas explosion
*”Tonto” The drunk indian – DONE
*Don’t piss off the golden glove boxer
*Studio poltergiest that scares the hell out of me…really. The scariest, creepiest studio story ever.
*Two gigs in three hours, 350 miles apart?
*Bam bam
*$5 bounced check (from a client)
*I swear I didn’t know it was a gay bar.
*Your bass player is too hard to watch – DONE
*High heels, used as a weapon – DONE
*Best sub gig ever (strippers!) – DONE
*Don’t keep your studio masters with your dope – DONE
*A pathetic coke whore – DONE
*Wedding gigs: Is anyone really paying attention?
*Late for a crappy gig

*Stolen sub – DONE
*Stolen PA – DONE
*When naked ladies are running around, why do they blame me?
*Board mix breaks up band – DONE
*To the asshole who stole my hardware case