Boneheads Gigs

The only Yoko Ono fan in the world

You’re having a drink at the local establishment. Next thing you know you’ve been thrown out on the street because you happen to be the only Yoko Ono fan in the world. It happened.

My band was playing the best live music club in town with a pretty large crowd on hand. Our singer is quite good at “working” an audience with some comments and humor between tunes. One of the things he often says before we play a Beatles song is “why would anyone shoot John Lennon when they had a clear shot at Yoko Ono?” (a valid question I must say)

Upon his delivery of this question someone in the audience yells out “F**K YOU.” Our singer, not to be outdone yells “F**K YOU TOO.” This goes back and forth and our singer says “Jesus Christ, we have the only Yoko Ono fan in the world in our audience…I remember what it was like when I had my first beer too.”

Yoko Ono fan: “F**K YOU”
Singer: “Why are you messing with me? Do I go to your job and rock the slurpee machine?” (audience laughs).
Yoko Ono fan: “F**K YOU”
Singer: “Come up here buddy, let’s make up.”
Yoko Ono fan comes up to the stage…
Singer: “I had a guy like you last night only he had a human head!”
Yoko Ono fan takes a drunken swing at our singer and finds himself being tossed out of the bar by the bouncers.

That’s what you get for being the only Yoko Ono fan in the world.