Coming soon…

I’m on a roll right now so I’m going to jot down some future story titles before I forget them. As I post each one of these I’ll take it off the list…

*The only Yoko Ono fan in the world
*Don’t piss off the golden glove boxer
*Studio poltergiest that scares the hell out of me…really. The scariest, creepiest studio story ever.
*Two gigs in three hours, 350 miles apart?
*Bam bam
*$5 bounced check (from a client)
*I swear I didn’t know it was a gay bar.
*Your bass player is too hard to watch
*High heels, used as a weapon
*Best sub gig ever (strippers!)
*Don’t keep your studio masters with your dope
*A pathetic coke whore
*Wedding gigs: Is anyone really paying attention?
*Late for a crappy gig
*Stolen sub
*Stolen PA
*When naked ladies are running around, why do they blame me?
*Board mix breaks up band

I believe that I’m also going to take a couple of the older posts that have multiple subjects within them and split them into individual posts. I think that will make things easier…

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