Sign up process

I’ve had a couple of people tell me they are having a hard time signing up for the forums/portal. There is a problem on forums where spammers have these “robots” that search websites for emails and places they can place their spam. So to prevent these robots from getting into the forums and filling them up with viagra ads there’s a field you must fill out. The field displays a graphic with some letters that are kind of strange. They are different colors, caps/small, sizes & styles to prevent the robots from scanning them. So you have to type in the correct letters in lower case or caps depending on what you see. If it doesn’t work when you submit, just try it again as you may have punched in a lower case letter instead of a cap. Each time it asks you to re-enter there will be a different graphic.

If this is still to difficult, hit “contact” from the portal to email me and I’ll manually set your account up!