Big recording project booked

I haven’t been working in the big studio for a few months. They were all into having me work there and I did a bunch of sessions. Then one day they stopped calling to have me do gigs. The owner and main engineer wasn’t returning my calls or emails. I thought perhaps I’d done something wrong but nothing came to mind. It just happened that the economic downturn forced the owner to work the gigs himself to save money, rather than paying freelance engineers.

I do have a project coming up at the big studio though which I’m looking forward to. It’s a technical rock band I’ve done two albums for. They’re insanely good, fast, technical, anal etc. They’re a similar band to say Dream Theater and Rush.

This upcoming project is going to be a DOUBLE album. There will be at least 43 billion notes on this project, which should provide some good Pro Sound Blogging opportunities.