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Shit that pisses me off.

Hell project rises from the dead

Am I having a nightmare? Somebody wake me up. A couple of posts back I said I’d be reflecting on the hell project of 2008, since it was done. It isn’t. Unfortunately my new vendor who was doing the replication

Then or Than?

I’m really getting sick of this latest craze of improper grammar. People are mixing up “then” and “than” more and more and I don’t know why. Reading CNET news today I saw this quote under an image: Palm CEO Ed

Why ProTools Sucks #9: Delete key doesn’t delete markers

If you have markers you want to delete in a ProTools project, you can’t just select them and hit delete.  You have to use a pull down menu called “clear marker.” This really sucks.  Let’s say you need to delete

Why ProTools Sucks #8: Can’t select multiple markers

I’m editing this book on CD. It’s a 350 page book where the author has read the entire thing. The author has a speech impediment and screws up constantly. So there are over 3000 markers in this ProTools project, each

Final thoughts on the new Filter Album

Amalgamut and Title Of Record are two of the most rockin’ and kick ass albums ever. The new Filter album Anthems For The Damned, though sonically good, doesn’t come close to having the balls and edge the two previous albums