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Hell project rises from the dead

Am I having a nightmare? Somebody wake me up.

A couple of posts back I said I’d be reflecting on the hell project of 2008, since it was done.

It isn’t.

Unfortunately my new vendor who was doing the replication (two of my old ones went out of business in this economy) screwed the pooch. I’m now waiting for the client to supply me with some samples of the screwed up discs to verify what happened so I can get it fixed.

I can’t write the closing chapter on “Hell Project ’08” since “Hell Project ’08” is now alive and well in ’09.


Then or Than?

I’m really getting sick of this latest craze of improper grammar. People are mixing up “then” and “than” more and more and I don’t know why.

Reading CNET news today I saw this quote under an image:

Palm CEO Ed Colligan is more worried about the Pre launch then a looming patent war with Apple.

I saw this one in a kid’s book:

Fact can be stranger then fiction.

When I was on vacation last summer in LA, there was a booth on the pier at the beach advertising tickets to a TV show which pitted adults against fifth graders in a Jeopardy like contest:

Are you smarter then a 5th grader?

Yes I’m smarter, and then I’m a 5th grader…  And apparently the people who did your PR aren’t smarter “then” 5th graders either.

Rants Why ProTools Sucks

Why ProTools Sucks #9: Delete key doesn’t delete markers

If you have markers you want to delete in a ProTools project, you can’t just select them and hit delete.  You have to use a pull down menu called “clear marker.”

This really sucks.  Let’s say you need to delete 10, 100, 1000, or even 2800 markers from a project like I had to once.  That means individually selecting 2800 markers then pulling down a menu 2800 times?  No f’n way!  That is at least 5800 mouse clicks and a case of tedinitis waiting to happen.

To be clear, there is a “clear all markers” in ProTools.  But in this particular project I had over 3000 markers, 2800 of which needed to be deleted.

Rants Why ProTools Sucks

Why ProTools Sucks #8: Can’t select multiple markers

I’m editing this book on CD. It’s a 350 page book where the author has read the entire thing. The author has a speech impediment and screws up constantly. So there are over 3000 markers in this ProTools project, each marker represents an edit or fix that needs to be done.

I’ve got the book edited and now I need to get rid of most of the 3000 markers and put new ones in. So about 2800 of the markers need to be deleted. Should be easy, right? Just select a marker, hold down the shift key, then select the end of the group you want to delete….right? WRONG.  Click and hold your mouse, then drag across the markers then?  NO.  You can’t select multiple markers in ProTools. You can delete ALL the markers, but you can’t say select 30 of them and delete them, leaving the rest.

I have the choice of deleting all 3000 markers, and losing the 200 I want to keep. Or I can delete 2800 markers, one at a time. Oh you can’t just hit the delete key when you have a marker selected either. You have to select the marker, then use a pull down menu to select “clear marker.” This process would take me close to 10,000 mouse clicks on this project. Is digidesign willing to pay my doctor bill for ligament damage which I’ll incur from clicking my mouse so many times?

See Why ProTools Sucks #9…

Random Rants

Final thoughts on the new Filter Album

Amalgamut and Title Of Record are two of the most rockin’ and kick ass albums ever. The new Filter album Anthems For The Damned, though sonically good, doesn’t come close to having the balls and edge the two previous albums did.

I guess when rock & roll musicians get older they lose their edge? Or as my friend Matt theorizes, perhaps Robert Patrick being “clean” had something to do with it.

I still like the album, but I was hoping for another ball crushing release.