Sex position of the week

Sex position of the weekWhile writing a blog post for one of my new blogs at The Mac Space, I stumbled across the sex position of the week article in Cosmopolitan. It was an interesting read, almost as educational as renting a porno.

According to Cosmo, the best place to meet a man is at the Apple Store. I shop at the Apple Store. Been there dozens of times. Never once have I been picked up by a woman there, though that sounds nice. I guess I’ll keep shopping at the Apple store in hopes that I can find a woman to whom I can “straddle her grounded leg and enter her while she holds her other leg up or letting it rest against my shoulder for leverage.” Then with her free hand she can “reach up and run her fingers across my chest as she gazes longingly into my eyes. Then, slowly, carefully she can stroke my nipples which is a major turn-on for lots of guys.”

Damn, all I wanted to pick up at the Apple Store was the Adobe CS3 upgrade from Macromedia Studio MX…