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My compliments to your plastic surgeon

The 2nd gig last week was canceled. I had enough fun on the first one though. The gig was a sub gig in Park City. It was the first time I worked with “the lesbian singer.” As it turned out, the singer was pretty amazing. She did a hell of a Janis Joplin. Her girlfriend was quite stunning and it was strange to see them both hanging all over each other. But on stage was great.

Later in the gig a drunk female tourist from Lake Tahoe got in an argument with the band leader about who has better snow, Park City or Tahoe. Then she proceeded to get on the microphone and tell the audience that her husband was better looking than Robert Redford.


A few minutes later a hard bodied chick appeared on the dance floor (see pic). She was strutting her stuff and flashing her abs. I called her “abmaster 5000.”… Then she flashed her twin DD’s to the band. They were disproportionately large compared to her body, just like her collagen lips. I was trying to play the drums and get my camera out of my pocket at the same time. I managed to snap the picture here, but missed the complete exposure of her implants… Honestly, they weren’t the best I’ve seen, not too natural looking. Regardless of the plastic surgeon’s lack of aesthetic skill, it was still entertaining and yet another “rock & roll moment” in my lengthy drumming career…