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I’m the bartender today…

I’ve got some clients who, I swear, the only reason they record is so they have someone to talk to. It’s like being their bartender. Most of these types are fairly old. Today I’m working with one of them.


Dean is a very religious guy, and a piano player. He’s pretty good, especially for being over 80 years old. I’ve done several albums for Dean, and 3/4 of the time is spent “talking” and not recording or working on the project. I work with him in 4 hours, but my phone just rang. He’s calling to give me directions to his place, for the 4th time. Each time he goes on for what seems to be about an hour, just giving me directions.

Yesterday he called to give me a better set of directions than the two previous times but I had to tell him I was on the other line and driving down the road so I couldn’t write the new set of directions down. I won’t use any of his directions anyway. I’ll just google map it. He doesn’t need to know that though.

I have a new voice mail.

UPDATE: 40 minutes after I posted…. the phone is ringing again.