Gigs Random Rants

Thoughts of quitting the band

I don’t know if it was the back pain last night which made me start thinking of quitting the band… I had this a couple of years ago and took six months off and that refreshed me last time. I don’t think this is the same issue though.

Limited set list

During the last set of the gig last night I was wondering what the hell I was doing there. Ever since we got our new bass player the gigs have been all the same. She has only learned about 1/3 of our set list and that 1/3 she only knows enough to pass through the tunes. There are still lots of notes she’s missing and she just isn’t as solid and aggressive on the bass as my old bass player and great friend. Her tone and playing is wimpy.

Same old same old

We’ve been playing the same damn gig at an “ok” club forever. We’ve been getting decent crowds and making a few bucks at this place so that’s not the problem. The problem is the gig is getting very boring. When you only have a small number of tunes to pick from, which aren’t played as well as they could be, and you combine that with playing at the same damn place for the same damn crowd of drunk smokers it gets pretty monotonous.

Right now I’m thinking if the new bass player doesn’t learn the current tunes better and learn the rest of the set list by the end of the Summer, and if we don’t find a new place or two to gig, I’m out. I may not make it that far but that’s my plan. Maybe it’s my time to go find a different gig anyway. Maybe a jazz group…