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Metal project done

I wrapped up the big death metal project last week. Glad to have that one in the can so my weeknights are free again. That was one of the things I really didn’t like about running a studio was having no free nights or staying up till all hours of the night listening to boneheads who can’t sing or play their instruments…

You’re going to have to leave

On one of the last sessions I had to kick some drunk ass out of the studio. The band had some “friends” there and they were being drunken idiots. I couldn’t concentrate or hear what I was doing because these guys were jabbering. I hit stop on the playback and sat there. After about 10 seconds all the people in the studio looked at me. I then said I’m not hitting play until this guy is out of here. Thankfully, the band agreed and he was gone.

Don’t bring your damn friends into the studio if you are recording. All you do is end up trying to keep them entertained rather than concentrating on the task at hand.