Finally an end to the terrible Christmas music…

Stop the insanity

There are some great Christmas recordings out there, some classics. But there are thousands of bandwagon jumping, money grubbing “artists” who try to milk a few bucks out of the public every year by releasing Christmas albums.

Last night I heard some kind of horrible “pop/R&B” version of Silent Night. The “artist” (that word adds credibility to them) was throwing every R&B vocal trill, lick, scale, tremolo, riff or whatever you wanna call them into this beautiful song. The hip-hop production and R&B vocals turned that song into an absolute train wreck.

Lip sync in Rockefeller Center… er, Christmas in Rockefeller Center

Man this program was more cheesy than the cheese they put on 7-11 nachos. Sting comes out and plays some stringed instrument I’ve never seen. It was probably made out of recycled granola bar wrappers. Enya sings and her voice sounds very “Enyaesque” with that huge chorus of 11,473 Enyas in the background. Yeah, that’s live. That’s how her voice REALLY sounds.

Lionel Richie should quit

The all out worst at “Lip Sync In Rockefeller Center” was Lionel Richie. His voice was so burned out, range so limited and the riffs he was attempting to hit so beyond his skill level that even his lip sync track sucked ass.

Love the holidays, but I’m glad it’s over for another year.

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