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One of the worst gigs ever

I was taking cortazone pills for tennis elbow and they just tear your stomach up. My stomach got so acidy (is that a word?) that I was ready to barf. I started hiccuping very badly while on stage playing the drums.

The brilliant bar tender told me he had a drink that would solve the hiccups. I chugged this miracle drink and it made the hiccups and stomach acid 10x worse. I was so sick on stage, violenty hiccuping and nearly barfing every hiccup. I ran to 7-11 on the next break and bought about 5 packs of tums. I ate them ALL during the last set and it didn’t do anything. I hiccuped every 6 seconds until about 6am.

I figured I had hiccuped over 6000 times that night. I’ve never taken cortazone pills again.

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