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Bad venue, bad sound, bad show

Yesterday my friend and I went to see In Flames, Trivium, Devil Driver and Zao. My friend had met a very cool guy from Devil Driver and they got us free tix. The show was moved from Saltair to this place I’d never been to called Club Ice.

We stood outside in the cold for an hour after the doors were supposed to open. Then the venue was so small for the crowd it was about the worst fire code violation I’ve ever seen. There must have been 5000 people in a place that would hold 1000.

The whole venue is layed out terribly for watching a live band. You couldn’t see anything unless you got about 20 feet from the stage. I got that close and was nearly crushed by the pressure of thousands of people pushing. I’ve been fighting off a rib injrury and the pressure made it worse. I acutally stopped using the muscles in my legs and the pressure from the people around me kept me in the same position. Then I got thrown into the mosh pit. I’m too old for that stupid shit. Aren’t people there to see the frigging bands?

The sound was absolutely horrid. The low end was feeding back and the first band Zao was terrible.

Though we were there for free and had a friend in the 2nd band, my buddy and I decided just to leave. It was that bad.