Better dump your old powerbooks on ebay fast!

macbookApple has announced the first of their laptops that have intel chips called “MacBooks.” These are about 4x faster than the old ones. Good thing I just bought one about 4 months ago.

For probably the first time ever, I bet Apple’s laptops are faster than their desktops.

Better dump your old powerbooks on ebay fast.

And how dumb sounding is “macbook?”

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Actually, Apple announced two new Intel dual-core desktops (in the iMac model line) at the same time that they announced the MacBooks. I’m wondering, however, when they will get around to replacing the PowerPC dual-core PowerMac with Intel-based models. (On the other hand, these latest product releases were four months ahead of schedule, so Apple has some wiggle room for the rest of its Mac line.)

You’d think they’ll be doing it quicker than 2007 like they’ve said. There’s no way the “flagship” dual machine (like mine) can be slower than their laptop that costs half as much.

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