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Hello fellow musicians and friends! It has been since September 2005 that the Pro Sound Blog Forum has been running. A hacker brought the site down completely. I had the same thing happen to two other forums I ran on the same forum software. One forum was quite large and I HAD to figure out how to recover it.

Long story short, I’ve recovered all the users and posts and installed a different forum software that is less “popular” and hopefully less prone to hacking. The only items missing are most likely attached image files and avatars so you’ll need to reload them. Other than that all is working! I’ll be working to make the “look” into something better down the road.

This board was never the biggest on the web, but it was a great spot for some very talented and smart musicians to talk about their trade. So I invite you to come back to the forum and let’s get this board rolling again!

The forum is now in a new web location: