Comcast=bait and switch

I had some pretty hard comcast ranting earlier this year when I had problems with their customer service (or lack thereof). Here we go again.

I moved about 2 months ago into a new place. I needed to transfer my Comcast internet and TV service so I called them. They told me I’d have to get my account up to date before the move. No problem, until the told me the amount…

When I inquired about signing up for their service I told them I was using DirecTV and another company for DSL. My DTV bill was about $75/month and my DSL was only $15/month. The Comcast salesman said they had a package that would blow both of those away at $69/month for digital cable and high speed internet. Wow, sign me up!

But when I moved they informed me that my bill for the last two months was in the $300 range. How the hell can it be $300 when you’re paying $69/month for two months? $69×2=$300? It was at that time (about a month ago) that they informed me my comcast bill was close to $150/month. I nearly lost my mind. They just doubled my price with no notification?

I’m happy with the speed of the internet on comcast, but the digital cable frankly sucks compared to DTV. So there’s no way I’d want to pay MORE for an inferior product. I argued with the billing department for about a hour about what my price should have been. They agreed that they’d switch me back to the $69 as long as I paid about $250 to get my account up to date. They wouldn’t retroactively fix my pricing. They’d only agree to sign me up on a special rate for the next 3 months IF I paid the $250.

Ok, fine… I agreed to do that for the next three months, at which time I’d most likely switch to a different provider.

So I talk to Comcast on the phone today about my service not working. They inform me that my current balance is $245? HOW THE HELL can my balance be $245 when a month ago I got it all squared up and I’m paying $69 bucks a month???

Turns out that they never implemented the f’ing special rate last time I talked to them on the phone. So I’m STILL being billed close to $150/month for services they told me I’d be getting for $69. I explain this to the current billing person and he checks the notes in the computer. Sure enough he finds the notes from the last phone call and confirms that yes, my rate SHOULD have been $69.

I say ok, then knock my charges from last month down to where they should be. He says he can’t go back and change it because the database wouldn’t let him. But he’s willing to sign me up at the special rate of $69/month for the next three months. Is this a broken record?

I raise hell with this guy but he won’t budge. He says I can get the new rate starting TODAY but have to pay the other rate for last month. This is bullshit. I’m sick of these ass holes doing this. And the nerve of the guy on the phone who said “well, you’ll be paying the higher rate in 3 months anyway so what’s the difference?” What’s the difference? About $75/month. I told him that in 3 months I didn’t know if I’d be dead or living in Panama….

Comcast sucks. Their TV quality sucks. Their customer service sucks. Comcast are bait and switch ass holes.