My bass player of 20+ years is moving…

Sadly, my bass player of 20 years has informed me that he’s moving. I just played my first gig with him since this bummer news. This guy is one of the most genuine, nicest, most sincere people I’ve ever known.

The gig itself last night was nothing to write home about. There were the usual drunk ass holes whole spill their beer in your shoe and burn you with their cigarette. I hadn’t played in a club for a while and I realized how much I HATE cigarette smoke.

The only moderately interesting happening at the gig was a chick who jumped up on stage to sing a song and blew the audience and the band away.

While sitting back there on the drum kit playing rock & roll I often go into my own little mental world. I check the chicks out. I look at the strange people.. I see the tattoos and the piercings, the drunks. I think about my business, my world.

Last night I didn’t think about any of those things (the chicks were all dykes). I came to the conclusion that playing gigs without my bass player, and breathing in all the cigarette smoke is not worth it. It just won’t be the same without my buddy…. When he leaves I’m going to call it quits with this band.

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Man, that makes me sad. I only got to see the band in question once (by total chance, if you recall, when my wife and I were passing through Moab), but you guys rocked.

Oh well… more time to hunt up gigs for ZTS or Spazz 😉

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