Disturbed’s David Draiman comes up with the quote of the year

David Draiman (Disturbed) has a great music business quote which I saw on the “on demand” section of music choice. I just about rolled out of my chair laughing. This dude is absolutely brilliant.


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I agree completely. On the other hand, however, I think a major factor in the current stagnation of rock radio is the whole “classic rock” format. How many fucking Eagles songs can you listen to, how many times over, before your mind just gives way, and you become effectively lobotomized, wandering around with a blank stare, and humming “Life in the Fast Lane”, 24 hours a day?

Hey, would it be possible to get that file emailed to me? I clicked the link you provided and nada…any thoughts? I’ve been a fan of Draiman’s quips for several years now and from the comments, I’m dying to see/hear this. Help a girl out? Thanks man!!!

Oh and as an afterthought….it takes you a full song to feel lobotomized? try one minute 23 seconds.

heh just watched it…that ranks right up there with something he said to someone on the now defunt DMB (the first official message board before Warner/Reprise stepped in and made morons of themselves). let’s see if I can get it right…oh yeah…..go fuck yourself with a dirty razorblade during a hemorrhoid flare up. the man’s use of words (outside of rage, which is where the above quote stemmed) astounds me. very intelligent. i love hearing him speak.

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