Rants makes it right

In the pevious posts I was PO’d about their dragging their feet and charging me $27.44 for overnight shipping. I bitched and moaned with their customer service and they agreed to credit me $15.00. I still bitched and moaned and they agreed to refund the entire $27.44.

SO I just got two email invoices from them. One is a credit for $15, and one for $27.44. I’m sure they didn’t mean to do both but what the hell do I care?

In the end they did make it right. End of story (I hope).

By the way, the camera I bought kicks ass.

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Good choice. My digcams have been cannons for several years now. If you’re in the market for a printer, I’ve found matching cam and printer the way to go; currently have the Cannon PIXMA ip4000, which runs about $100, and prints the best photos I’ve seen. It also does full pages of bw text 11ppm.

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