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Treating client’s projects with the utmost care

My studio world has been all messed up with moving a couple of times and having 75% of my gear in a storage unit. I’ve been operating out of home office setups for a while which is a pain in the ass. Soon I’ll be out of that situation and in my new place….soon.

A client called me and wanted me to do some work on her project. I let her know her master was in my storage unit and I’d get to it as soon as I went over there and got it.

I got it this morning. Not easy to get to. Move the two bikes, lawnmower, tape machine out of the way to get access to the “master vault.” I found her master, put it on the back of my car, locked up the storage unit and headed back to my office.

I get to my office and for the life of me I can’t find her damn master. Then the horror dawns on me. I left her master on the back bumper of my car. Oh shit!

I drove back (about 2 miles) to the storage unit and there was her master on the round just as you exit the unit. There are probably thousands of cars per hour driving down that street and luckily the master didn’t even have one tiny scratch on it. Talk about a good break.

This is all info she’ll never know…