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midigun: a rapper’s gun shaped instrument

Good God. Now rappers have an “instrument” they can put in their hand like a gun so they can control scratching, lighting, midi sounds and more. This device can be “intuitively” used? So it’s intuitive for a rapper to be holding a gun shaped device? No wonder I’m sick of this business.

midiGun 1.0

“The ‘midiGun’ is a novel handheld midi controller. This gunshaped interface was especially designed to remotely control realtime music softwares like Ableton LIVE, Traktor DJ or others.

The ‘midiGun’ replaces the classical DJ mixer and the keyboard at the same time. The ‘midiGun’ is a new kind of device that can be intuitively used because of its handy shape and easy accessible knobs, buttons and sensors.”

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Hey, I am happy to see that my harmless little interface fuels hot discussions on the internet. The “midiGun” is not only a flashy gunshaped midi interface. I thought about handling and performance a lot before I built this one. The handy shape allows for absolute freedom from a table, a screen, a keyboard and a mouse. You can stand free on stage and perform like someone playing a “real” instrument. I don¬ęt want to compete against “serious” midi controllers, the midigun is intended to bring fun and body expression to electronic livemusic. I was just bored by so called electronic live acts hiding behind laptops and not moving a bit to the beat of their own sound. It makes no sense to compare the midigun to a real gun. It is just a piece of plastic to be handled with your hands like a squirt gun!! Check back on my website next week for a short performance video. rock on and best regards Christopher

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