Hey man, watch your friggin’ kid

So yesterday I bought a new Apple Powerbook G4 17″ laptop. I’ve been so damn busy this week I haven’t even had time to play with it. All I’ve had time to do is upgrade to the operating system I wanted in there.

So this client comes in and we’re discussing his project. Meanwhile he is letting his “curious” 2 year old son wander around my studio. I thought I’d give the kid something to keep him from getting bored so I gave him a golf ball to play with. He just started throwing it at my gear so that didn’t do the trick.

Suddenly I hear this big thud. I turn around to find this little unattended tyrant has dropped my f’ing laptop on the ground. Call me crazy, but I like to own my laptops at least 22 hours before they’re dropped on the ground.

Memo to clients: I don’t think you could afford to buy me a new $2,700 laptop. So watch your friggin’ kids and keep their grubby hands off my gear.