Shocking Bathroom Incident

Our singer/guitar player is quite entertaining. From his brash comments to boneheads in the crowd that almost get him beat up, to cracking Yoko Ono jokes, you never know what to expect. That’s why I like playing gigs with this band.

One night we’re in a very crowded club. The guitar player has his new wireless transmitter so he doesn’t get tangled up in his cables on stage. We’re in the middle of some song when he announces that he’s going to go to the bathroom while playing his guitar solo.

So he jumps off the stage and walks right out of the room while soloing. You can still hear him but now you can’t see him as he’s presumably at the urinal. Then there’s a terrible static electricity noise and his guitar stops playing. Seconds later he comes back in the room with his hair sticking straight up (what’s left of it).

Turns out that his guitar strings were not clipped off and he accidentally somehow stuck his strings in the wall socket in the bathroom. The end of his guitar was all blackened and the dude nearly electrocuted himself and his peepee.

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