Numark IDJ


Numark has announced the “IDJ” Mixing Console for iPod

The iDJ is a 2-channel mixer that enables mobile DJs and iPod enthusiasts to seamlessly integrate their portable music libraries with other music and sound reinforcement systems�transforming the iPod from a personal music player into a source playback device. With its compact form factor, comprehensive feature set, and a blue on white aesthetic appeal that blends perfectly with the iPod, the iDJ makes the music more accessible and the party better than ever.

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I’ve been trying to find other blogs from folks interested in audio and came across yours via google. Thanks for the laughs. . .but also thanks for this posting. I recently went to my highschool reunion and there was a DJ there for us to dance to ‘hits’ from when we were in school.

When I saw the guy sitting behind a computer that was plugged into an amp that went to two speakers. I remembered when I used to mobile DJ and that meant keeping a log book of all the songs that were on all your CASSETTES and frantically trying to find and cue up the next song before the current one ended… All this bozo had to do was click his mouse once on “80s mix” or somesuch and then he went outside to talk up women and smoke. GRRRRR

He probably charged more than I used to, too!!

I’ll bookmark you and check back.

The audioprof

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