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Recording the symphony #1

Recording the symphony last night was awesome. I’ve done this gig a couple years in a row now. The hall is amazing and the gear is top of the line. Knowing the setup from last year made it a piece of cake. Don’t tell the client, but all I had to really bring was a blank CD! I brought my laptop system and recorded to that though.

These two snaps below are of the cool sound booth and gear the symphony uses. This was my office last night:

The pic above shows the console and the racks they use. In the racks are tons of patch bays which literally can connect anything in the building. Not only that building, but the convention center next door! The 4 small screens are remote control cameras so you can zoom in on all the pretty ladies!

In the pic above the big screen is a monitor showing the stage. (I should have taken my drink down from next to the monitor). The little monitor is for the lighting system. The console, well you should know what that is for.