Gear Rants

Either I’m a bonehead or I’ve been ripped off

I’m packing my gear Thursday night for my gig. I’ve got a little Yamaha kit I keep in cases in my garage for gigs. My nice Gretsch kit doesn’t leave the house. So I get the whole kit packed but the snare drum. I can’t find the friggin’ thing anywhere.

I tore the place apart and racked my brain trying to figure out if I left it at the last show.

The snare is an 1962-63 Ludwig. 4.5″ tall with a chrome finish, but it’s really made out of solid brass. It’s worth a fortune and it is THE best sounding snare I’ve ever heard and the most dynamic, responsive and LOUD. I was the coolest drum I owned. I could have had the rest of the freaking kit stolen and I’d be happier.

Inside the soft case along with the snare were my Zildjian HH cymbals. These cymbals I’ve had for 30 years. Yes, you heard that….30 years. (I’ve been playing drums for 34 years or so).

I stopped by the last club I played at to see if by some miracle they had my case in the back room somewhere. Nope.

So either I’m a bonehead and left the damn case at a gig somewhere, or someone ripped it right out of my garage. Either way, I was very depressed at the gig Thursday. I even had fans coming up to me asking what was wrong.

What a bummer.