Some chick’s visa card

If you’ve read any of my previous posts or know my band, you know my guitar player is a scatter brain. He’s one of those individuals who is gifted in certain areas but not in others. In the organizational area he is not. His gear is always broken, lost or malfunctioning. His cables are always tied in a knot and his jacks on all his guitars constantly short out.

So we’re at a gig one night and he breaks a string. No big deal. We just need to FIND another string to replace it. His Fender amp has an open back and most guitar players put a few small items in there like strings etc. I’m digging in the back of his amp and it’s like digging through a garbage can. Among the many things I find in his amp is a visa card belonging to some female that none of us know. How the hell does some unknown chick’s visa card end up in the back of his amp?