Gigs Rants

Need a break

Had a gig in a dive last night. I was told that we had an opening band so I wouldn’t have to show up until 10:45pm. So I show up at 10:30 and while walking in the door I meet the guitar player for the 2nd opening band. So this means I won’t go on stage until midnight or later.

Being a non smoker and an extremely light drinker (about once/month), hanging around in smoky bar for an hour and a half didn’t seem fun. So I drove around town, gassed up the car and killed some time.

Once we were on stage I didn’t have much more fun. I love playing the drums but this place was FULL of cigarette smoke. I really hate smoke. The sound guy didn’t do a very good job and the freaking vocals were on the verge of feedback all night.

I also started to feel the slightest signs of my tennis elbow coming back.

I’m kind of burned out on these gigs we’ve been doing at these dives for crappy money. I think it’s time for me to take a break and bail on gigs for a couple of months.