Racks at unexpected gig

Strange day. I get a phone call at about 4pm to inform me I HAVE A GIG TONIGHT. Great, thanks for the notice. At about 9pm I’m lounging around my living room in my flanel PJ’s and I almost completely forgot the gig. I got dressed, threw my kit in the car and headed to the show.

Upon arrival I grabbed some of my kit and hauled it in. I ran into a (very beautiful) old female acquaintance who was looking stunning. We chatted for a while and it was very difficult to not notice her……..ok ok….her huge rack. I’m sorry.

I head out the front door to get the rest of my gear and the door guy comments that it took me a while to come back for my 2nd load. I informed him that I was “distracted” by this beautiful woman and her……rack. I load the rest of my kit in and the door guy comes up to me and looks around to make sure no one is listening. He motions for me to follow him. He leads me to his computer where he is surfing to some web site. When he gets to the right page, there she is! The beautiful woman I was talking to. Not only that, she’s topless! The rest of the evening I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face when I looked at her.

That wasn’t the only rack. There were very many oversized racks tonight. I don’t know if there is a boob-job convention in town or what. Even on the 1st break the guitar player mentioned it so I know it wasn’t just me.

Apparently I was so distracted by the many rack displays that I didn’t even see the big bar fight. This bar fight was started by an obviously horny blonde chick who was making out with several differnt guys in the club. Apparently two of them decided to show their manhood and beat each other up to impress her. That got ’em all kicked out.

Tonight’s performance was ok, but the guitar player’s amp was blinking out. (what else is new?). Turns out his tubes were loose and falling out. When one would fall out his sound would cut in half. I kept reaching over and pushing his tubes back in with one hand while playing drums with the other.

The only other strange thing was that some morons were trying to climb a steel light pole outside the bar. I had my camera ready for when one of them cracked his head open and spilled his brains on State Street but the morons never fell.. Nighty night.