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“Your bass player is too hard to watch”

Years ago a rock & roll band I was in took a little trek to Kemmerer Wyoming to do a gig. Playing a gig in the Twilight Zone would be normal compared to this gig.

Our bass player liked to jump around on stage while playing. He would even do the headbanger move and flip his very long hair all around. It was quite entertaining. He also wore his pajamas for the gig. Gee I can’t imagine why these hicks from Kemmerer thought this was out of the ordinary.

The people in the audience just kind of stood against the back wall of the venue and just watched in disbelief. They looked like deer in your headlights. When we went on break they literally came up and asked: “Can you tell your bass player to stop jumping around? He’s too hard to watch.”

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I can’t help thinking about the scene in SLC Punk (if you haven’t seen it, you should), where they all pile in a car and drive to Evanston to buy alcohol.

The Evanston folks look at the punks as if they’re from another planet – until one of the punks says they’re from England. That seems to explain it to the locals’ satisfaction.

Ha! Great connection. I didn’t see SLC Punk until after I had left the city. I remember at the time saying to myself: “Hey, I knew those guys.”

Of course, I also remember going to Evanston to buy real beer.

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