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The helpful cabbie

The story you are about to read is fiction. 😉

Some fans of my band had a problem with a jerk of a club owner one night. The club was a dive and was about ready to go out of business. These fans were so mad they wanted to get back and the owner for being such an ahole.

So they decided that they were going to “acquire” the club’s PA. The PA had a pair of high speakers with 15″ cones and horns. The subs were 18″. These were of a brand to be unnamed at this time but I understand they were from Lansing. There were also a few wedge monitors, cables and more.

Ok their plan is in place except for one problem: They are too drunk to drive. So they call a cab. When the cab arrives they inform the cabbie that they’re stealing the PA from this club. The cabbie then volunteers to help them because he too has been wronged by the ahole club owner. The cabbie even helps them load the speakers out of the club.

Only about 1/2 of the PA fits into the cab. So they actually load the first half, take it home and return for the other half!