Month: May 2005

New Way To Write Vocal Tracks

I’ve had this one client for years. He is very cool. He wants SO bad to be a rock star. He hires great musicians for his albums and the tunes are pretty good. There’s only one problem. He has no

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Display issues fixed (I hope)

A pal of mine made me aware that the blog was displaying poorly on Safari. I used to use Safari but now I use Firefox and I like it a lot better. So I had the site looking good in

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Recording the symphony #2

The hall is called Abravanel Hall. This is an absolutely beautiful hall. It is acoustically amazing. There is an aura about the place just walking in. This shot below is a couple of hours before the gig while they were

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Recording the symphony #1

Recording the symphony last night was awesome. I’ve done this gig a couple years in a row now. The hall is amazing and the gear is top of the line. Knowing the setup from last year made it a piece

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Analog synths are coming back!

Intersted? I have an interesting story to tell about this awesome new analog synth. But you are going to have to wait to hear it….

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