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Real drummers are better than machines

Got a nice note from the client who I did some drum tracks for last week. “I was thinking I’d leave my Groove Agent drums, but your accents of stuff really increased the vibe, great job! I appreciate your talent.”

Drumming my ass off this weekend

No gigs for months, then two in 48 hours I haven’t played the drums since last year. I’d sort of retired from my rock band since my bass player and very good friend moved to Portland. It just hasn’t been

Final thoughts on the big 2008 hell project coming soon…

Now that it is officially over I’ve been reflecting on the big hell project of 2008. There were many “come to Jesus” moments during that period and I learned a lot about myself. I’ll have my closing reflections soon…

Hell project almost over

I’ll be popping a bottle of champagne soon.  The project I mistakenly committed to, which was supposed to end in July, will be ending in the next week or two.  That’s FIVE freakin’ months overdue.


A couple of posts back I wrote about the mouth breathing fiber eating drummer who shits all the time. He was to come in last week and “spend 30 minutes on a few tweaks” on the first song. He came